Next Power’s mission is to provide top-quality services to its customers at advantageous prices.

We are committed to becoming a trustworthy partner of our customers, being concerned about quality and professionalism, focusing on their satisfaction.

Next Power has entered the Romanian electricity market in order to become one of the main local power suppliers, for this having the necessary assets:


Our own production of renewable electricity

  • COMPETITIVE PRICES: We will regularly check the market prices so you can be sure that you will benefit from the most advantageous prices and offers, which can help you prepare a much more precise budget and pave the way for a consistent cost saving in electricity bill.


  • FLEXIBILITY: By choosing our company, you will discover that you will allow yourself to focus on what you do best, leaving the energy related concern to us. The flexibility of our prices will monthly bring you the best possible price.


  • PERSONALIZED OFFERS: We make sure to continually adjust our offers to the requirements of your business, taking into account the dynamic environment in which you operate and the particularities of your business.


Next Power has a rich portfolio of clients operating in various sectors: chemical, food, heavy industry, etc. Customer-related activities and relationships have so far established the company as a partner that respects its contracts and commitments, offering seriousness, promptness and respect to the client.

In addition to electricity supply services, Next Power also offers real close consultancy services and power consumption management services.


Our company comes to you with a collaboration offer which is:

  • CORRECT AND TRANSPARENT, where the costs of supplying electricity take into account the actual purchase price in the domestic and import markets;


  • FLEXIBLE, regarding the commission of our company and the way of payment of the invoices, terms, payment instruments etc.;


  • DIVERSIFIED, besides supplying electricity, we also offer verification and maintenance services for electricity installations.


Next Power takes pride in its highly skilled staff with extensive experience both in the commercial and technical fields. We are concerned about providing new solutions for increasing your profit, starting from the premise that each customer is unique and very important to us and only together with our partners will we succeed in establishing new standards of excellence through performance.